Cellar, sauna, hobbit house or garden house – whatever you need!


A distinguished history

In Ancient Rome vaulted buildings were irreplaceable and held in high regard, this was also where cross vault construction was invented. In Estonia vaulted buildings have been constructed for almost ten centuries. Even when time has not been kind to the buildings, the vaulted stone cellars still firmly stand in all their glory. The construction of vaulted buildings has become increasingly rare these days, as there’s a lack of craftsmen with the necessary knowledge. Our mission is to revive and develop this distinguished and resilient tradition.

Time is priceless

We value your time. We deliver your custom-made building in just two weeks. Installation takes no more than a day. Revonia’s vaults will last a century and require minimal care. For you, the process is extremely simple, so that you could focus on what really matters – time – be it with family, hobbies, work or leisure.

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“Stone cellars with vaulted ceilings firmly stand in their full glory”
“Revonia’s vaults last a century and require minimal care.”

Cellar, sauna, hobbit house, or garden house – precisely according to your needs!

Out of five simple modules, you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. By combining different modules we can create a spatial design that best suits your needs. We also carefully consider the interior design and finish of our buildings. We offer a wide selection of finishes. We use natural materials and many of our details are handcrafted.

Saving does not equal being cheap

We address environmental concerns so that future generations can enjoy the beauty of nature. Revonia’s vaults adhere to the zero-energy standard. The buildings are covered with topsoil to keep the space wonderfully cool in the summer and protected from the cold in winter. This keeps heating costs low.

More than 900 vaults

We have been acquiring expert knowledge since 2012 when we started renovating vaulted cellars. In 2014, we started the production of brand-new buildings and have now installed over 900 vaults across Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Austria, and Germany. We continuously research and develop our units to build you a vault that is hand-crafted to the highest quality, resilient and economical.

Edukas Eesti ettevõte Euroopa liit Eesti tuleviku heaks Majandus- ja kommunikatsiooniministeerium EAS ISO

2021 sai ettevõte toetust Euroopa Liidu Regionaalarengu Fondist sh rahastatakse liidu COVID-19 pandeemiale reageerimise raames, summa 61650 €.

Projekti eesmärk oli Komsio maja väljaarendamine, see on poolenisti maaall olev maja monoliitsest raudbetoonist, mis tarnitakse kliendile 100% valmis kujul. Arendus oli edukas, maju müüakse ning need on kasutuses ja toimivad.

Revonia OÜ on saanud toetust projektile EU53059 Tootearenduse toetuse projektiplaan Revonia OÜ, mille tulemusel valmib ettevõttele vajalik uus tootearenduse lahendus.


Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.