Revonia hobbit houses hold almost endless potential.

Hobbit house technology

Take some time off in your own personal wine cellar. Or move in, if you want.

Life is better lived well. Life is great with family, friends and a passion for work. But life is even better when you have all of that and spacious rooms with a great design. Arched and cross vaulted modules can be assembled to form an ancillary building that requires very little maintenance.

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Cross vault residential building in Pärnu

A building that couriers can't find. The 130 m² residential building located on the banks of the Pärnu River is designed for year-round living. According to the owner, the underground life is quieter, calmer, and much more energy efficient compared to the previous home. In addition, the building has a sauna, the walls of which store heat and the steam experience is unprecedented. You can see an episode of Nurgakivi's show about this home here!

Silma retreat

Silma Retreat, located near Haapsalu, offers an opportunity to break away from the routine of everyday life. It's the perfect place to get out into nature without giving up the luxuries of the city. The underground 44 m² house is designed to blend in with nature. This often brings various wild animals to explore the terrace of the house. In addition, the building is connected to a unique wine cellar. More information here!

Dark room, experience accommodation

Dark, dead silent, time seems to stand still. This is exactly what it feels like to be in a dark room, where you go to meet your true self, and it is considered an important ritual toward spirituality. We also helped to create one of these rooms. Because where would it be calmer and darker than under the ground? An experience worth trying!

Apukka Resort – Kammi Family accommodations

Underground accommodations that are full of character and equipped with all amenities - in Finland, Lapland. "Kammi" means partially underground house in Finnish, which are historically popular all over Lapland. More information here!

Apukka Resort – Kammi Suites accommodations

Very popular and unique accommodations in Finland, Lapland. Luxuriously furnished warm nests with direct views of the northern lights from the skylight window. It is definitely an experience that you can never get enough of. More information here!

Kingfischer Holiday Cottage

The Kingfischer accommodation in England may seem small at first, but thanks to smart interior solutions, it contains all the necessary amenities for a successful vacation. The outdoor hot tub adds spice to the stay. More information here!

Modular house

Famous and strange at the same time. Our earth cellar modules can make a great modular house in the protection of the earth's crust. You don't have to worry about light because windows can be placed throughout the entire building on the side of the facade that is not covered with soil. This is a residential building that is so energy-efficient that savings are inevitable.

Outdoor kitchen

Friends, summer, barbecue, and food ... but not if it rains. It doesn't have to be that way. An outdoor kitchen will fix this! The outdoor food experiences are rock-solidly protected.

Lapland hunting lodge

Food from the oven, hunter's stories, and a nice cozy nest in the middle of the forest to come to after a long day in the snow. What more could you want from a crisp winter evening?

Cigar and cognac room

If you have your own cigar and cognac room, you can say that life is chic. That means you probably have a tuxedo and a bow tie in your closet. It means that you really don't lack luck. Everything is there and everything is as it should be. But if you still don't have a place to puff on a cigar, and the cognac stays in the bottle undeservedly because of that, we have a very noble solution for you.

Golf center

Lack of waves crashing on the sea and no sandy beach? Don't have a view of an ancient valley or a Ferris wheel nearby? Very good! Then this is an opportunity to create a new attraction in the neighborhood. The entire golf center complex is cleverly hidden into the side of the mountain.

Accommodation for a golf center

After a long day on the golf course, there's nothing better than a good night's sleep. A solution that follows the landscape of the golf course, which will definitely be remembered and offers experiences for both young and old.

Garden house with a sauna

Basement or sauna, storage room, or a steam room? But why not both? Enjoy the hot steam in the sauna and then have a refreshing cold one from the cellar - what more could a soul desire?

Cottage on the river bank

An invitation to nature. The concept of a simple and self-sufficient place on the banks of the river that functions like a cottage where you can comfortably enjoy all the fruits of life. A small but capable house has low energy costs and even when standing empty - it does not require regular maintenance and is protected from external factors.

Holiday house with a cross vault

For guests, colleagues, friends, and family - this nest consisting of two cross-vaulted modules is suitable in your backyard or further and is always ready to warmly welcome everyone.


Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.