Dignified Revonia cellars help store goods or other neccessary.

Root cellars or garden houses

From grandmother’s jam jars to cars. There’s room for everything.

A proper country cellar is the heart of every household. It’s a place for all things valuable and good – what sustains the soul and body or needs shelter from the elements. Modular units from Revonia allow you to build your own energy-efficient cellar with just the sort of layout, size and furnishings you need. The cellar is made in Revonia’s factory and installation on your premises takes only one day.



Classic root cellar

A country cellar is a place for storing food and garden produce as people have done for Centuries. Compared to refrigerators this type of food preservation is considerably more environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

Wine cellar

A wine cellar keeps your wines in a stable environment, protected from the light. In vino veritas, they say, so truth also lies in the wine cellar. With a cosy atmosphere, this is a superb place for spending and enjoying time together.

Beer or cider cellar

Let it fizz and foam! This is a home-like hideaway for brewing, storing and enjoying beverages together, especially suitable with friends.

Meat or cheese cellar

A meat and cheese cellar is a great larder for supplying the home cook in preparing everyday foods and finer fare.

Garage or large storage space

Don’t let exposure to outdoor conditions do a number on possessions you need to keep sheltered from rain, snow and sleet. This can also be a pleasant place for a workshop.


Using only four modules you can construct vaulted structures from 4.5 m2 up to hundreds of square meters. Read more on our technology page.