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Maaelu: Midsummer day adds fire to the sauna dream

The article was published on 21.06.2018 in Postimehe Maaelu

Saunas in the cave

Revonia produces saunas that are different from competitors – namely, cave saunas.
According to Rauno Oja, the manager of the company, these saunas are actually the predecessors of the smoke sauna, and the history goes back a long way – to a time when the construction of log saunas was not yet known.

“Old preserved cave saunas can be counted on the fingers of one hand in Estonia,” says Oja. “We have brought it back in a slightly new way, but also we have preserved the old traditions of the cave sauna, that enjoying of steam takes place underground and the humidity of the ground in different seasons makes the steam even more unique.”

It is true that the idea is old, but the construction techniques and materials are up-to-date. “The idea was born when we were looking for more areas of use for our main product, the underground cellar, and while reading the literature we came across cave saunas. Since they seemed to have already disappeared deep into history, I became interested in bringing them back to life,” recalls Oja.

A cave sauna may not be better than a wooden cabin, but it does offer a different and memorable experience, Oja thinks. Vaulted ceilings also give a kind of advantage, making the movement of steam more uniform.